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For Employers

With H2H you get free, direct access to qualified candidates who already have background checks and security clearances, also helping reduce recruiting and hiring costs.

Our system uses breakthrough match-strength technology and allows you to send customized online marketing materials and invitations-to-apply to the candidates of your choice. Position your organization for future success by connecting your job opportunities with some of our nations' best-trained talent.


Unlimited Free Job Postings

Post job openings that include comprehensive information about the job and reach qualified candidates who are actively seeking employment. You can automatically post all of your jobs using either H2H's API or your job integrator. Learn More

Promote Your Company

Create an online presence with H2H's employer marketing tools. Building a company profile with information about your organization will allow candidates to learn more about what you have to offer.

Powerful Search Functionality

Find candidates and invite them to apply to your jobs. Find the best candidates by setting match criteria. Experience, education, and much more can all be factored into your results, helping you find the right candidates.

Automatic Notifications

Get automatic notifications for candidate applications and H2H messages. H2H can also send digital invitations to gauge the interest of potential candidates.

Why Hire a Person with Military Experience? Because they…

  • Are Proven Leaders
  • Maintain Professionalism
  • Take Responsibility
  • Understand Diversity
  • Are Physically Fit and Drug-Free
  • Have A "Can Do" Attitude
  • Are Calm Under Pressure
  • Exude A First Class Image
  • Are On-Time, All the Time
  • Have A Global Perspective

Plus, you'll get…

  • Tax Credits
  • Expanded Paid Apprenticeship Programs
  • Employees with Education Benefits
  • Improves Company Productivity
  • Reduces Companies Manpower Cost


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